Disney Budget Tips from a Pro

Disney Springs is always a must do. I love shopping at World of Disney.

“How do you afford to go to Disney so much? You don’t live in Florida.”

I hear this often, the short answer is I have a side hustle that funds our Disney obsession. We’re a debt free family, & I want to share some of the long answer with you. Disney on a budget is totally possible.

1. Seasonal discounts! Never back the rack rate. Disney discounts come out 3 months ahead of time & you can apply them to an already booked trip. A travel agent is amazing at this. I use @momonthemonorail. But I know tons of great agents. Many packages can be booked with just $200 down & and you can make payments. I’ve done this before to make sure I’m using cash, not credit.

2. Book in off peak times. Summer is expensive, we love January/February.

3. Disney Visa- Only use this option if you trust yourself with a credit card. I use mine for every single purchase and save the dollars for spending money. It really adds up quickly. I have $500 saved for our next trip without doing anything. (I do pay this off every month)

4. Set a budget for each day’s food and spending. Buy gift cards in that amount. I buy mine at Target with my red card to save an extra 5%. I especially use this option when we go back to back months and I haven’t earned as much on my Visa.

5. Disney Movie Insiders- Join this if you buy a lot of DVDs. You can redeem those and ticket stubs for points and turn the points into Disney gift cards.

6. Disney serves huge portions. I often order off the kids menu, order without sides, or split my meal with Sharkie. This also leaves room for churros later. 😂

7. Don’t pay for water! Bottles of water are $4 at Disney which is obscene. Carry a water bottle or get free cups of water at restaurants.

Magically Inspired Spring Crafts

I never considered myself artistic in school. But my daughter loves crafting at just 2.5. So I began a journey to find activities we can do together and found so many things that I enjoy too.

Marie Button Art

I’ve always loved silhouette art. I’ve been looking to add more artwork to Sharkie’s room. This looks like it took longer than it did.

You’ll need: card stock, buttons, hot glue and tracing paper, and felt. I printed off the image I wanted, traced it, then cut it out. I use the tracing image so I knew the right place to put my felt ears and buttons. It looks amazing on my daughter’s wall. One of my favorite things I’ve done.

Mickey Rainbow Ornament

If you know me well, I’m always adding a touch of Disney to whatever we do. Sharkie is a rainbow baby so we love doing rainbows.

You’ll need cardboard, paint, glue, glitter foam, and ribbons. This one is great for kids of all ages.

Dipped pretzel rods

We made these for Valentine’s Day. But they are so easy to turn into Easter treats. You’ll need white melting chocolate, pretzel rods, and sprinkles.

I love sharing crafts and treats. Usually with a magical or seasonal theme. Subscribe to see more!

Why I decided to blog

I hit 10k on Instagram in January, and I thought man I’ve made it.

I’ve had an Instagram for years, my current page is my old personal page. I only started “influencing” and putting effort into it last summer.

I’ve loved connecting with all of you and I love being able to be authentically myself (extra as I may be) and create for you.

But I realized I don’t own my Instagram, or my Facebook page and if something happened to those spaces all of the things I’ve created would be gone.

So as intimidated as I am by a “blog” I’m taking the plunge and I’m excited to see where it takes me.

Meet the Blogger

Whether you’re new here or follow me on another social, I’m so happy you’re here.

I was born a Carolinian, but I consider myself to be a Carolinian, Minnesotan, Kentuckian, and a Floridian by marriage. Ironically I spend more time in Florida than any other state. If you’re new here you’ll soon learn that a certain mouse inspired destination has our heart.

I’m married to my best friend, a lover of animals, and a mama to a sweet, albeit temperamental 2.5 year old.

I truly am a lifestyle blogger, but I mainly blog about Fashion, toddler activities, and Disney life.

That’s all for now, can’t wait to share so much with ya’ll.